5G Internet Service is NOW AVAILABLE in your area!



TKS Communications 

Is 5G fast?               

  • YES, YES AND YES!!! 5G technology has gotten better by leaps and bounds in the past half-decade and is now capable of speeds far above what other providers in the area are offering. 5G can even provide speeds up to 1.5GB/s!!! That is faster than the major Fiber providers in the city. We call it Wi-Fiber!! ​

Is 5G reliable?

  • Yes!! 5G enjoys a robust frequency in the wireless spectrum that enables it to still work during inclement weather. You’ll never notice poor service dues to ice, wind, rain or snow.
​​What is 5G?

  • 5G is the next generation in Wireless Communications using 5.8Ghz wireless frequencies for access to the internet.